Version: 1.01, May 30: Samir Adly moved from Applied Optimization II to Variational Analysis and Optimization I

Version: 1.02, June 5: Added Sunra Mosconi

Version: 1.03, June 6: Changed chairman on session FA-03

Version: 1.04, June 7: Changed paper by M. Thera

Version: 1.05, June 11: Cancelations: Bagirov, Sakaluskas, samir Adly, Tiit Risma

Version: 1.06, June 17: Added paper by Nathan Sudermann-Merx, added co-author Esnil Guevara

Version: 1.07, June 17: added Locatelli as co-author in one paper

Version: 1.08, June 18: canceled paper by Wang Dong

Version: 2.01, June 20: added a paper by Lopez-Cerda

Version: 2.02, June 22: changed a title (di Serafino)