List of registered invited sessions:

Advances in Optimization and Control, and Their Applications Advances in Portfolio Optimization and Related Subjects
Copositive and polynomial optimization Copositive and second-order cone optimization
Copositive optimization and discrete structures Derivative-free Optimization
Equilibrium problems Equilibrium Problems II
First order methods in optimization Infinite-dimensional Duality and Applications to Continuous Optimization
Iterative methods for linear algebra in optimization Large Scale Nonlinear Optimization
Mathematical programming algorithms for network equilibrium problems Minimization and variational methods related to nonlinear boundary value problems
Mixed Integer Non Linear Programming New Results on Classic Methods: ADM, SCF and GN
Nonlinear Constrained Optimization Recent Advances in Computational Algorithms for Image Analysis I
Stability and convergence analysis in continuous optimization Stochastic bilevel optimization
The abstract equilibrium problem II: theory, methods and application The abstract equilibrium problem I: theory, methods and application
Variational Analysis and Optimization I Variational Analysis and Optimization II